I DO Read Your Comments, I Promise…

…it just takes longer to respond to them than to write a new post, because I feel more pressure to organize my thoughts and respond with something better than a stream-of-consciousness chain of random ideas that may or may not be interesting. Incidentally, how awesomely apropos is it that “stream-of-consciousness” has so many hyphens? It’s like it’s onomatopoeic, except in it’s orthography and not in it’s pronunciation.

See, like that kind of random idea. That was much easier than deciding what constitutes”courage” in more than just an aesthetic-existential sense. ;-)


About Colin West
Colin West is a graduate student in quantum information theory, working at the Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics at Stony Brook University. Originally from Colorado (where he attended college), his interests outside of physics include politics, paper-folding, puzzles, playing-cards, and apparently, plosives.

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