A Thanksgiving Musical

Well, I’m back, after being away over the Thanksgiving holiday. I had a wonderful time in Manhattan hanging out with my old pals from college (still feels weird to describe a group of people that way) and doing my best to enjoy Turkey Day without the usual aunts and uncles around.

One of our strategies for doing this was to go to a couple of shows, which was a ton of fun. Since then I’ve been trying to think of the proper thing to say about them on by blog, and I’m afraid I’ve had trouble coming up with a nice, overarching narrative for a post. After all, “reviewing” them doesn’t do a lot of good, since not many folks reading this have probably seen them at the moment, nor are they considering whether to fly out to New York over the weekend to catch the weekend matinee. But there are a couple things about each of them I didn’t really get a chance to discuss with my friends so I thought for good measure I’d post them here. I’ll focus on the first show at the moment, since I’m still trying to work out my thoughts about the second, but hopefully I will have a change to comment on it as well at a later date.

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