In Belated Memoriam

After a long chain of hyperlink-clicking yesterday, I learned that an entertainer who had been a fixture of my childhood passed away in 2007 without my knowing. It seems that Gary Rosen, formerly of the children’s musical group “Rosenshontz” had finally succumbed to ALS, after many decades of providing some of the finest, if under-appreciated, children’s entertainment.

I offer the following video from youtube as a small tribute. I have no idea where the video itself came from, since there aren’t very many Rosenshontz recordings floating around the web, it seems. Still, it features a song I always really liked (which will forever sound to me like a candy-fueled car ride down to see the Grandparents on Christmas morning) as well as singing stuffed animals, which also feature prominently into my memories from the elementary school era. Enjoy it. I dare you not to have a boppin’ good time and wind up wishing you were hanging out with your first-grade friends.

Mr. Rosen, wherever you are now I hope they have an absurdly large number of picnicking teddy bears, pterodactyl eggs, and rockin’ hippopotamuses.