Things I Saw Outside Stony Brook: Bridge Edition

Photographer’s note: for best results, view while listening to this song. Although for even better results, you should try doing it in person :-).


Things I Saw Outside Stony Brook: New York Crosswalk Edition

Photographer’s note: for best results, view while listening to this song.

Last Weekend and the Appearance of Music

Last weekend I spent some time in the big city again visiting some friends, which was every bit as much fun as I’d hoped for. I got into town mid afternoon and spent a little while hanging around in the fashion district staring at suits I can’t afford and breaking various coveting-based commandments before I headed up to meet up with my friends. Unfortunately, I haven’t entirely mastered the New York subway yet, so it took me longer than expected to get to where I was trying to go, and by the time our group had gotten together, we didn’t have much time left for dinner. At first, I was a little disappointed, but when we wound up grabbing pizza slices to go and I realized this was, in fact, exactly how I spent most of my summer in Italy: rolling in to town, taking longer than I intended to master the local mass-transit, and not getting out to dinner in time to do anything besides stop in at a pizza place. The pizza wasn’t as good as it was in Italy, but the company was better, so it all worked out in the end.

Anyway, the reason we were in a hurry to finish with dinner is that we were on our way to go hear the Takacs Quartet play a Schubert concert at the 92nd Street Y* in Midtown Manhattan.

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Things I Saw In Stony Brook: Not Actually In Stony Brook Edition

Here’a nice, totally predictable photograph I took a couple weeks ago in the Big City. I meant to post it at the time, but forgot.

I think it nicely summarizes part of the appeal of the city. And what fun, I get to go back to visit it tomorrow. Takacs Quartet playing Schubert at the 92nd Street Y. Should be a good time.