It’s All the Same Mushroom… Sort Of

I'm starting to make a concerted effort to make sure the pictures I use on this blog don't violate copyright laws. Consequently, they're getting a lot more dull so far...

The other day  I tried to look up Portobello mushrooms on wikipedia, and I was redirected to the page for the mushroom species  Agaricus bisporus. There, I was presented with a list of all the different names they can go by: White, button, crimini, baby bella, portobello, swiss mushrooms, champignons…everything I could think of  except Oyster, Shiitake, and Porcini. They were, apparently, all the same.

I was a bit taken a back, vaguely annoyed about all the times I’d paid extra for a fancier sounding mushroom, and extremely curious. I did a cursory investigation and found plenty of pages superficially confirming what I’d just read. I filed it away in the brain-folder I use for “did-you-know factoids to impress people with at dinner parties.”

But that’s also where things got a little more complicated. After I typed the title of the post, I realized I had basically given the way the twist ending and would need some more information to serve as filler. As I dug further into the topic, however, I discovered that my initial investigation had led me astray. Read more of this post