Merry Christmas Everyone

In celebration, I offer you my favorite version of my favorite Christmas carol.


Every year since the beginning of high school I’ve made a point to listen to this song on Christmas Eve. Some people think it’s a bit of ¬†downer, but to me it is just the opposite. It’s not a reminder of all the bad things that are in the news even on Christmas day. It’s a reminder of all the things that Christmas has the power to overcome. I really believe there’s a magic in the air this time of year. No matter what’s happening, I always feel as though the people around me are friendlier, as though my family and I are closer than ever, and as though I have twice the strength to make it through the tough times in life.

Call it what you like. But no matter what, have a Merry Christmas tomorrow.


Things I Saw Outside Stony Brook: Bridge Edition

Photographer’s note: for best results, view while listening to this song. Although for even better results, you should try doing it in person :-).